[Mac OS X TeX] alpha X piccies

Fr=?ISO-8859-1?B?6WTp?=ric Dupont Frederic.Dupont at univ-brest.fr
Tue Jan 29 15:56:53 EST 2002

le 29/01/02 19:53, Jon Guyer à jguyer at his.com a écrit :

> At 5:49 PM +0100 1/29/02, Frédéric Dupont wrote:
>> I'am actually overexcited. So I'am loosing my (poor) english : nom d'une
>> pipe ! qu'est-ce que ça à l'air beau :-)))
> ...and unfortunately, my command of French idioms is not what it used
> to be (or ever was?)... The only response that's coming to mind is
> "Ceci n'est pas une pipe".
> Can anybody help me beyond a literal [and incomprehensible 8^) ]
> translation of Frédéric's overexcitement?
Perhaps something like: My Goooooood ! It really appears to be beautiful !

Nom d'une pipe ! (literally : "name of a pipe ! " in place (IMHO) of the
forbidden "by the name of God ! " ) is used as interjection when something
astonishes (or astounds) somebody.
In french it literally means nothing.

Frédéric (who has recovered meanwhile his mind) ;-)

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