[Mac OS X TeX] Re: The role of TeXShop

Lorenz Szabo lorenzszabo at mac.com
Thu Jan 17 15:19:07 EST 2002

On 2002-01-17 10:16 AM, "Joachim Kock" <kock at math.unice.fr> wrote:

> Fear of being un-mac is dangerous --- in fact the whole philosophy of TeX
> is somewhat un-mac: instead of selecting things from a limited number of
> menus and moving them around with a mouse, we write some simple code to
> specify exactly what we want.

I think writing TeX code on the Apple Macintosh is not very un-mac. Alpha
and BBedit are simple editors and lot easier to learn then e.g. XEmacs. The
integration is perfect -- press <command>-<T> in Alpha (running in Classic)
and it will start OzTeX 5 beta running natively under OS X. Never try this
on a Windows-Machine!

I prefer TeX versus WYSIWYG, because I want to _control_ the code myself --
therefore I also use PageSpinner for CSS & HTML, and not some fancy HTML
layout tool. Have you ever created many outlines in Word? After 50 pages
your outline styles are corrupted, and you have to reformat everything
again. Or, ever wanted to have three of five headlines with numbering (e.g.
1. Headline) and the first and last headlines without number? Impossible!

> I think it
> works in all web browsers (and most likely comes from unix (more or less))

Although Mosaic was developed on NeXT, I don't know any Unix program using
the Space-bar for scrolling ... By the way: Even Adobe's Acrobat Reader 5
doesn't support the Space-bar.

Just my two cents,

- Lorenz

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