[Mac OS X TeX] Selection of matching parentheses

Maarten Sneep sneep at nat.vu.nl
Tue Jan 15 09:05:25 EST 2002

On 15-Jan-02 Bruno Voisin wrote:
# > do not click twice on a parenthesis
# > disable this feature in the prefs.
#  Thanks, but that's not what I meant, I wasn't speaking of clicking 
#  (either once or twice).
#  What I meant is that when you select (with the mouse) one parenthesis 
#  (same is true for curly brace) the selection is automatically extended 
#  to the matching parenthesis, so that your selection becomes the two 
#  parentheses and the text in between, regardless of what you were 
#  actually looking for.

I think this is a feature of the cocoa text handling functions. I think I saw
this in other programs as well. I connot check it right now, so if someone can
confirm this (try project builder, I think it was that one)

#  I tried to disable "Balance parentheses" in the Prefs, this doesn't help.
#  Bruno Voisin

Maarten Sneep

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Maarten Sneep
Atomic- and Laser Physics group
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The Netherlands

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