[Mac OS X TeX] TengTeX, fonts, and font tables

Gerben Wierda sherlock at rna.nl
Fri Jan 25 07:16:19 EST 2002

On Friday, January 25, 2002, at 12:58 , Jack Skoda wrote:

> I'm trying to use TengTeX to typeset some Middle Earthen high elvish
> in the tengwar font.  Things don't look quite right on the screen.  In
> fact the elvish is awfully jaggy.  So much so that it is hard to read.
> How can I correct this?

Probably not unless you have good type 1 fonts. If printing looks fine 
you are just experiencing viewing print fonts on screen without 

> When I LaTeX the document I get a tiadr10.600pk
> file and a tiadr10.tfm file created on my desktop.  I know next to
> nothing about METAFONT and I think my trouble lies there.

There is at least something wrong with your setup because these files 
should not appear on your desktop if you have a good setup. They should 
go to /var/tmp/texfonts, probably, that is depending on the TeX setup 
you use.

> I have true type versions of the tengwar font, is there some way
> to tell LaTeX/TeXShop to use a true type for display on the screen?
> That is if the character codes match up....

Yes, but it is not very simple.


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