[Mac OS X TeX] Language setting and backslash character

Dr. Paul Fons pfons at mac.com
Sat Jan 12 10:28:24 EST 2002

  I am a happy user of TeXShop here in Japan. I was curious to ask if 
anyone else has had the same problem as me --- namely with the Mac OS X 
set to Japanese as the preferred language, the backslash character is 
changed automatically to the "yen" symbol.  For systems up to and 
including Mac OS 9, the "yen" character and the backslash character were 
one and the same thing (the same ascii code).  With OS X, however, the 
two characters have different codes (unicode).  This means that one 
problem with JIS keyboards is that there is not a backslash character on 
the keyboard -- only a "yen" character.  Is there a way to enter a 
backslash character with a JIS keyboard?  The second question relates to 
my observation that with the language setting set to have Japanese as 
the preferred language, the backslash character in previously saved 
files (e.g. the sample file for TeXShop) have all of their backslash 
characters changed to a different character (usually a "yen" symbol").  
Is this a feature of Cocoa?  How can one avoid this "feature" with 
Japanese as a preferred language.  Note this problem doesn't happen in 
all applications (e.g. it doesn't happen in BBEdit lite).  I doubt this 
was a design goal of the TeXShop authors, but rather came along with the 
Cocoa class they are using.  Is there a switch to turn off such behavior 
(or does it have more desirable effects sometimes)? I have solved the 
problem by getting rid of my JIS keyboard and setting English to be the 
preferred language, but for Japanese around me there must be a better 
solution.  Any ideas?

										Paul Fons
Dr. Paul Fons
Senior Research Scientist
National Institute for Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Optoelectronics Institute
Energy Electronics Institute
Umezono 1-1-1
Tsukuba, Ibaraki
JAPAN 305-8568
paul-fons at aist.go.jp
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