[Mac OS X TeX] remember the page

Ingo Reich ingo.reich at uni-tuebingen.de
Thu Jan 17 22:05:12 EST 2002


currently I'm using BBEdit 6.5, G. Wierda's teTeX, and T. Kiffe's 
Plug-Ins for BBEdit+teTeX to pdflatex my documents, and Acrobat Reader 
or, alternatively, TeXShop to preview the resulting pdf and I'm quite 
content with this solution. However, there's one rather annoying 
problem: every time the pdf is opened it is opened at page 1. My 
question: Is it possible to tell Acrobat REader or TeXShop via some 
script 1. to store the page of an open pdf, say page n, 2. to close the 
old pdf if a new one is sent to the application, and 3. to open the new 
pdf at page n?

Thanks for your help

Ingo Reich

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