[Mac OS X TeX] BBEdit 6.5 & OzTeX 5.0b7

Juan Falgueras juanfc at lcc.uma.es
Tue Jan 29 07:02:37 EST 2002

14:39 -0500 24/1/02, Michael Goldweber escribe:
>To summarize:
>	Works well with OzTeX, has a nice TeX mode (via the accelerator), 
>but does not play well with Excalibur (or any other spell checker). 
>The above may also work for CMacTex, though I have not tried it. 
>(The above Pepper extension support does not work with Excalibur - I 

	Is it at least possible to have templates in Pepper similar to 
those of Alpha?  Are they already written?

Is it possible to have a similar F1 - Bind to "complete" in Alpha in 
Pepper?  Alpha use F1 (and equivalent keys) to complete the word you 
are writting based on the actual content of your document.  If is not 
there it also can build on the fly a template for TeX based on the 
wod you have written... etc.

>	Works well with CMacTex, does not have a TeX mode (the glossary 
>feature does not match Alpha's nor Pepper's support), but plays well 
>with Excalibur.  No working plug-in support for OzTeX.

	The TeX mode AFAIK is only a poor mode of templates where you 
only can determine where the insertion point will go and where the 
selected text.  It lacks any form of intelligent looking for text nor 
recognize the indentation level where you are, etc.  It also can bind 
key combinations to any (yet unwritten) template (glossaries in the 
argot), but not for simple keys, etc.

>	Under OS 9: Works well with OzTeX, CMacTex, and Excalibur. Has a 
>good TeX mode.  None of its variants work under OS X. (Hopefully 
>AlphaTK will, as soon as the aquaTK package matures.)

	Alpha 8 for X is now in beta (working) and the final will see the 
light this summer :))

>Non TeX question:  Does Eudora support the use of an external 
>editor? (Alpha "supports" Eudora, which is a different perspective.)

	No, afaik.  Eudora is becomming a bit narrow with this respect. 
The updating to X is going very slowly and nowbody speak about any 
integration with the uniX capabilities for mailing... Never about 
external integrated applications.  On the other hand eudora has very 
good AppleScripting capabilities that Alpha :) exploits very well. 
But if you edit with Alpha, line endings (since in Alpha lines are 
always hard written with real \r) look bad in Eudora.


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