[Mac OS X TeX] can i make references invisible?

Gérard Degrez degrez at vki.ac.be
Sun Jan 20 09:36:01 EST 2002

>If you'r enot afraid of the commandline, texexec can make 
>extractions on PDF documents.

>>NSF wants the body of a proposal in one pdf file, references in another.
>>With TeX I only know how to make a single file containing both. From asking
>>around I understand some people do this by editing the dvi file. Is that
>>what you have to do? Seems it would be nice if there was a way to declare
>>part of a document 'invisible', ie, 'don't put the references in the pdf'.
>>TIA for any hints....Tom

Here's another very simple solution: create the single pdf file with 
TeXShop, then print to a file the page selections you want using one 
of your printers in the PrintCenter.

Gérard Degrez

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