[Mac OS X TeX] TengTeX, fonts, and font tables

Jack Skoda jskoda at ellacoya.com
Fri Jan 25 06:58:33 EST 2002

Good morning MacOSX-TeX:

I seem to recall in my long lost youth that there was a quick way
to get a table of all the characters in a font with a TeX/LaTeX 
I've been greping thru the /usr/local/teTeX area with no luck.

I'm trying to use TengTeX to typeset some Middle Earthen high elvish
in the tengwar font.  Things don't look quite right on the screen.  In
fact the elvish is awfully jaggy.  So much so that it is hard to read.
How can I correct this?  When I LaTeX the document I get a tiadr10.600pk
file and a tiadr10.tfm file created on my desktop.  I know next to
nothing about METAFONT and I think my trouble lies there.

I have true type versions of the tengwar font, is there some way
to tell LaTeX/TeXShop to use a true type for display on the screen?
That is if the character codes match up....

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