[Mac OS X TeX] Compatibility of Texshop-generated pdf files with acrobat

Warren Nagourney warren at dirac.phys.washington.edu
Fri Jan 18 23:56:30 EST 2002

This is slightly off-topic, but I am having a very annoying problem with 
importing pdf files generated by TeXshop into Acrobat.

A little background: In the past, I generated transparancies for a talk 
using a combination of TeXtures, IGOR and Vellum and directly printing the 
slides. Recently, I was invited to give a talk using either my usual 
transparancies or a computer, but was requested to send an electronic 
version of the talk for viewing by the organizers of the briefing. I 
decided to generate pdf files from my usual applications and assemble them 
using Acrobat 5.05 (OS X native).

The problem is in the files generated using TeXshop (actually Preview). If 
I preview these and incorporate them into my multi-page Acrobat document, 
Acrobat often complains that there are "fonts with duplicate names in the 
font subset" (more or less  - this is from memory) and either refuses to 
import the pdf or does so with many characters left out or simply 
corrupted. On the other hand, the pdf file displays fine when displayed 

The only way to get around this problem is to use TeXtures in Classic and 
generate a ps file using all of the available fonts (or all but the usual 
13) - the latter file (after being sent to Distiller) imports fine into 

I would like to avoid using TeXtures (and Distiller) if this is possible. 
Perhaps I shouldn't assemble the pdf's using Acrobat (a very annoying app, 
in my opinion); but, if I continue using it, I would like to be able to use 
TeXshop to generate the TeX documents. I realize this is really a problem 
in Preview, but any insight would be very welcome.

Thanks very much and sorry for the length of this post.

Warren Nagourney

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