[Mac OS X TeX] Re: BBEdit 6.5 & OzTeX 5.0b7

Andrew Trevorrow andrew at trevorrow.com
Fri Jan 25 07:33:44 EST 2002

Ingo Reich wrote:

> did anybody successfully install the OzTeX Plug-In from Francois
> Ladouceur in BBEdit 6.5? ...

As Tom Kiffe said, BBEdit plug-ins must be carbonized to work in the
OS X version.  I'm not aware of any such plug-ins for OzTeX but you
might try to contact Ujwal Sathyam (setlur at bigfoot.com) who has also
worked on BBEdit plug-ins for OzTeX and other apps.

> ... Is there something equivalent available for Pepper?

Yep, John Thoo & Joe Slater sent me some Pepper extensions for OzTeX.
I'm not sure if they're available anywhere so I've put them on my site:

  ftp://ftp.trevorrow.com/beta/pepperoztexextns.sit  (5K)

> Furthermore, if I uncomment the
> line
> text_editor = R*ch     (for BBEdit)
> in my "local" file in OzTeX 5.0b7 and want to change from OzTeX to
> BBEdit, I get the error message "Could not find a text editor with this
> signature: 'R*ch' ". What am I doing wrong??

Probably nothing.  I've had a few other reports like this and I'm
pretty sure the problem is caused by a bug in the OS X Finder which
doesn't always update the desktop database file when a new app
is installed.  (OzTeX looks for your text editor by searching for
the supplied signature in the desktop database files of all mounted
volumes.  Nothing particularly tricky is involved -- Apple provide
high level calls to do most of the work -- so if a search fails
and yet an app with that sig really does exist then the most likely
reason is that the desktop database file is incorrect.)

The fix I've been recommending is to reboot in OS 9, hold down the
option & command keys and rebuild all your desktops.  Note that
using the Rebuild Desktop button in Classic's Advanced prefs does
not solve the problem.

Thomas Schröder wrote:

> I had the same problem with OzTeX and  Pepper. I could only resolve this 
> by rebooting into MacOS 9 and setting Pepper from there as editor. After 
> returning to MacOS X everything worked fine.

I guess that must also put the app's signature into the desktop database.
Thanks for that info!


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