[Mac OS X TeX] MarVoSym font

Bruno Voisin Bruno.Voisin at hmg.inpg.fr
Tue Jan 22 09:39:04 EST 2002


This is more about fonts than TeX, really.

Has anybody been playing around with the MarVoSym (Martin Vogel's 
Symbols) font? This is a "Pi" font, with not only the Euro symbol but 
also lots of funny symbols (fixed phone, mobile phone, fax machine, 
coffee cup, textile care, ...). The font is included in TeXShop's teTeX, 
there's a LaTeX package "marvosym" for using it, and everything works 
fine. However, I'd like to be able to use the font in Textures or OzTeX 
as well, and possibly outside TeX too.

The CTAN distribution (in /fonts/psfonts/marvosym/) includes a "mac" 
directory with fonts in Classic (screen font suitcase/LWFN printer font) 
format. Unfortunately, these fonts were apparently prepared from a 1998 
version of MarVoSym while the "marvosym" LaTeX package is based on the 
2000 version (and the two versions are substantially different from each 

Is anybody aware of a more recent Mac version? Or is anybody, with 
better font knowledge and tools than me, willing to create it? For the 
technically inclined: MarVoSym is a free TrueType Windows font 
converted later to PostScript Type 1 

I tried to recreate the Mac fonts myself, converting marvosym.pfb to 
LWFN format by t1utils from CMacTeX, and marvosym.ttf to suitcase format 
by TTConverter <http://www.signaturefactory.com/TTConverter.htm>. This 
doesn't work: I can only view and print a few characters, and they don't 
appear where I expected them to be (in the ascii map). Doing the TTF -> 
Suitcase conversion by a demo version of TransType 
<http://www.fontlab.com/html/transtype.html> produces a much better 
result, but still not ideal. I tried also to create the corresponding 
Textures metrics suitcase, but I couldn't find (by trial-and-error) a 
satisfactory combination of QuickDraw map/PostScript map/PostScript 

Bruno Voisin

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