[OS X TeX] Other TT fonts in TeX

Christophe Dousson christophe.dousson at rd.francetelecom.com
Mon Jun 24 10:07:10 EDT 2002

I have the same kind of problem.
Can somebody tell me how to use any TrueType fonts in TeX on MacOS X ?

(my institution created its own font and I would be happy if i can use 
it also in my tex document).

Many thanks.

>> Hi.
>> I am writing a research proposal, and the funding institution requires
>> that proposals are written in Arial (!?).
>> Can somebody tell me how to do this with either TeXShop or OzTeX on
>> MacOS X? A hint to where I can find documentation on this would be
>> sufficient. I should say that I never understood much about fonts in
>> TeX, and switching to MacOS X has not made things easier ...
>> Thanks.
>> Holger
    Christophe Dousson
    France Télécom R&D, DTL/TIC
    2 avenue Pierre Marzin, 22307 Lannion cedex, France
    tel: (+33) 2 96 05 21 99, fax: (+33) 2 96 05 19 56

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