[OS X TeX] Re: More about Adobe fonts...

Michel Bovani michel.bovani at wanadoo.fr
Wed Jun 12 08:02:48 EDT 2002

Le 11/06/02 18:34, « William Adams » <wadams at atlis.com> a écrit :

> I'd quoted xpedra saying:
>>> By the way, 
>>> since I began to use the Adobe Garamond font I have noticed the 12pt
>>> size font is smaller for this typeface  than the CMR 12pt one. Is it
>>> usual?
> replying:
>> Yes, typefaces are designed on an em-square and may take up more or less
>> of that---the placement of the x-height on the square will vary as well,
>> and Adobe Garamond is fairly low.
> One further bit of information---CMR incorporates optical scaling, so
> the 12pt. size (say) is different from the 18 pt.
> Adobe Garamond was based on the ``vraye parangonne'' (sp. may be
> approximate) size which is approximately 18 pts., and aside from the
> spiffy all-caps Titling font, small caps and super/sub-scripts, doesn't
> have optical adjustment.

BTW there is now an OTP set with optical sizes. Unfortunately, OTP fonts
seems to be unuasable with TeX...
> William

Michel Bovani

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