[OS X TeX] psfrag and illustrator: a solution!

Paulo Abreu paulotex at gmx.net
Tue Jun 11 08:48:02 EDT 2002

Hi all:

I have found a solution for a problem that psfrag has while using
figures produced in Illustrator:

Ever since Illustrator 7 that a sequence of chars gets lot of postcript
commands between them, making the use of more than one char strings
almost impossible with psfrag.

I have always been carefull to use a fixed width font (usually Courier),
but even then, most of the time psfrag wasn't able to substitute the
strings with TeX-formatted text.

However, I have found that if I delete the string using the Del key
(_not_ the Backspace) and then retype it, psfrag correctly substitutes
the string! Why this is so, I have no idea!

So, to make it short:

With Illustrator 10 under MacOSX:
To create strings that psfrag finds and substitutes:
use a fixed width font, make sure no kerning exist and never delete
using the Backspace key, only the Delete key.


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