[OS X TeX] Problem with pdflatex generated PDF

Bruno Voisin Bruno.Voisin at hmg.inpg.fr
Mon Jun 10 14:46:13 EDT 2002

Le vendredi 7 juin 2002, à 06:34 , ruettimac at mac.com a écrit :

> Since a few days, I can not longer print out my documents from TeXShop: 
> In the console you can find the following:
> [snip]
> It is the same log for TeXShop. I tried also pdf2ps with this document, 
> but it failed.
> But if I load the document with Acrobat, I can print this document 
> without any problems. This problem came with MacOS X 10.1.5. Anyone 
> knows if they have changed something or can prove the problem. I will 
> then make a bug report.

I also installed OS 10.1.5, and did not notice any problem so far (apart 
>from the fact that printing dialogs have now very strange default 
locations, like up there - partially hidden - in the top right corner of 
the screen). In any case I can still print from within TeXShop.

BTW, about this strange location of the Print dialog, I only noticed it 
so far in Carbon applications (Internet Explorer and Acrobat Reader).

> Second, my PDF's do look different on the screen and on the paper. The 
> boarder differs for about 5mm more space on every side on the paper. 
> Have I to adjust some properties/preferences?

This might be just a strange (silly?) default setting of Acrobat Reader. 
Did you try, in the Print dialog, in the scroll menu (the one where you 
set the number of copies, duplex printing, disposition etc.), to select 
the Acrobat Reader item, and there to make sure that "Adjust big pages" 
and "Adjust small pages" are unchecked ? That might change something.

Bruno Voisin

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