[OS X TeX] fixed: lucida installation

Michael Murray mmurray at maths.adelaide.edu.au
Tue Jun 18 22:18:14 EDT 2002

>Okay...I seem to have fixed the lucida font problem. The clue was the
>realization that in Michael's console dump of his simple file, that only the
>lumath directory seemed to hang from his /User/mmurray/... chain, rather
>than the /usr/local/... chain like mine. When I moved my math fonts to a
>similar directory chain built from my home directory, the math worked.

Ah now maybe I know what the problem was!  When you place new things
in the texmf that is in the /usr/local you need to go into the command
line and type `sudo texhash'.  I am not an expert in exactly what this does
so let me quote from Gerben Wierda who is:

3. texhash!!

So, what about "!!"? Well, texmf trees can be pretty big and finding a file
takes a lot of time in those big trees. For this speed problem there is a
solution: hash files that live in the top of the tree and that contain
information to locate files fast. These files are named "ls-R".

When a path entry begins with a "!!", TeX will *only* look in the "ls-lR" file
and not in the directory tree. When the contents of your tree change, you need
to run the "texhash" command from the command line. TeX's own file generating
commands (like the commands to create pk files) will add the files they create
to an existing "ls-R", so you need not worry about TeX itself.

In the example above, you can see that texmf, texmf.os (the OS-specific tree,
which in my distribution is a link to texmf.macosx) and texmf.local have an
"ls-R" hash file. These trees are not writable for the ordinary user and when
something is changed in them it is done by the local administrator who has the
privileges to write the "ls-R" hash files. The files in my user directory are
searched without an "ls-R" hash file (unless such a file is available, but in
that case: remove it immediately, it generally only makes life worse for you).

Gerben Wierda


(  from /usr/local/teTeX/README.howtexfindsfiles  )

In summary if you modify the one of the non-user texmf trees
like you did you need to run texhash whereas if you modify the
user texmf you don't need to run texhash.

Sorry I didn't spot this earlier.  As a general rule I never
modify the /usr/local one as it will be wiped next time you install
teTeX anyway.  You could  put the stuff that was there back and
do 'sudo texhash'.  That should get you the same result.


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