[OS X TeX] Arial (or similar) font in TeX

William Adams wadams at atlis.com
Mon Jun 24 14:34:02 EDT 2002

Matthias said:
(re: Helvetica as grotesk)
>I know that, what I meant is that Helvetica was very popular in the 80s and
>therefore a document written in helvetica looks very 80s-like to me.

Ok. Very much agree. Have you read Blackwell's _Twentieth Century Type?
Neat book which breaks things down by decade.

(Arial designed as metrically compatible alternative to Helvetica)
>does Arial really base in any way on Helvetica? 

A fair number of the characters are virtually identical.

>For me the two fonts are
>almost as far away from each other as two "grotesk" fonts can be...

That was likely intentional on the part of Monotype to fend off any cry
of, ``Foul!'' on the part of Linotype.


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