[OS X TeX] installing t1-fonts

Bruno Voisin Bruno.Voisin at hmg.inpg.fr
Thu Jun 27 14:28:40 EDT 2002

Le jeudi 27 juin 2002, à 08:03 , jeanclaudedesoza at mac.com a écrit :

> I did what Bruno Voisin recommand to do in config.ps but when I choose 
> the Tex+Ghostscript composition in TeXShop, it doesn't work whereas 
> Pdftex composition works. I even installed the new version of CM-super 
> v0.3.3.

Sorry, I forgot to mention possible problems with GhostScript. I rarely 
use the TeX + GhostScript mode, and never did with cm-super fonts. So I 

But yes, the INSTALL file for these fonts contains:

>    You also need to make the CM-Super fonts visible in Ghostscript.
>    To do this, install the file dvips/cm-super.GS into the Ghostscript's
>    "lib" directory, and add the following line to the file "Fontmap":
> (cm-super.GS) .runlibfile
>    and make sure that the CM-Super *.pfb font files are present in the
>    Ghostscript search path (see the "Font lookup" section in Use.htm
>    in Ghostscript distribution).
>    Note that if you distribute such PS or PDF files, you must make
>    sure that the recipient has the CM-Super fonts installed and
>    visible to Ghostscript or Acrobat Reader; otherwise, you should
>    embed fonts into the PS or PDF documents (which is used by default).

But then I don't know how to modify the directory 
/usr/local/share/ghostscript where GhostScript lives, you need to be 
root for this. In any case it's a bad idea, since depending on the 
version of GhostScript you chose to install, the directory for 
GhostScript auxiliary files is different, for me it's:


And I don't know whether Gerben implemented for GhostScript the same 
feature with a directory ~/Library/ghostscript/ as he did for teTeX with 

So yes, waiting for an i-Installer is probably better.

By the way: this shows the interest and power of the i-Installer 
concept. Many thanks to Gerben again!


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