[OS X TeX] Mathematica e TeXShop

Ross Moore ross at ics.mq.edu.au
Wed Jun 26 11:00:36 EDT 2002

> Alessandro asked:
> >I am trying to import a EPS file produced with Mathematica 4.1 in a tex 
> >file which is compiled using TeXShop-teTeX.
> >I think I have to install some additional package
> >to see and print well the fonts included in the eps file.
> >Do you know how can I find some hints about it ?
> You want to typeset this using the GhostScript option (as opposed to
> pdfTeX). That'll allow TeX to put the files into a PostScript stream
> which is then distilled to .pdf---you may need to get and install the
> Mathematica fonts though.
You can use mathematica fonts quite happily with the pdfTeX mode
of TeXShop, or pdftex/pdflatex on the command-line.

It takes a bit of work.

 1.  get the archive  wrifnt.tar.gz  from the MathSource archives
     at  www.wolfram.com  --- search for  TeX Fonts .

 2.  unpack the archive into a texmf tree.
     Do this from the command-line, rather than in a Finder window,
     so that the operating system puts the files into the right folders
     Also, this avoids the problem of duplicate files:
       e.g.  omlzwcm.fd  and  OMLzwcm.fd --> OMLzwcm.fd.1

    This gives you .tfm, .vf, .fd  files, as well as  wrisym.sty 
    and documentation as  msydoc.tex . 
    (as well as   wolfram.map  which comes with teTeX anyway
     and  msymdoc.tex  comes with Mathematica itself.)

  3.  find the Mathematica fonts, in 
	/Applications/Mathematica\ 4.1.app/SystemFiles/Fonts/Type1/
      (assuming you have Mathematica installed)

      Copy the .pfa fonts into a texmf tree:

   or   ..../texmf.local/fonts/type1/wolfram/
   or   ~/Library/texmf/fonts/type1/wolfram/

 4. run   sudo texhash  

Now you are setup to enjoy the Mathematica fonts at full quality.

You could use  t1binary  to convert the .pfa fonts to .pfb form,
but this doesn't seem to be necessary on my G4 TiBook.

Use the documentation file  msymdoc.tex  as a test.
Beware that there are some minor macro incompatibilities with amsmath.sty .
(These are ignorable.)
Also, some characters don't work right; but mostly all is prety good.

Hope this helps,

	Ross Moore

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