[OS X TeX] includegraphics with TeXShop

Michael Murray mmurray at maths.adelaide.edu.au
Sun Jun 16 22:21:41 EDT 2002

>I'm new to Tex / LaTeX.
>I'm using TeXShop in OSX 10.1.5 to document a project I'm working on.
>I've been asked to include some partial screen shots in the document 
>and I'm having some trouble with \includegraphics
>1. Is \includegraphics what I should be using
>2. What graphics file formats are supported ?
>3. Is there a way to increase the number of formats available ?
>4. Assuming that I'm limited to including PDF files, as seems to be 
>the case, what tools exist to convert a tiff, jpg, etc. to PDF 
>without getting a full page with the bitmap at the top or bottom and 
>a lot of whitespace I don't want ?
>Greg Hamilton

Hi Greg

1. yes I think \includegraphics is the right thing

2.  it depends on whether you use the default `pdflatex' that TeXShop uses
or choose the TeX+ghostscript with the former I think its pdf (and jpg ?)
and with the latter (e)ps (and jpg ?)

3. Not sure about this.

4. Not sure about conversion tools but you can always
open it in some application and then print but set the output
option (under the pulldown menu in the print dialogue) to
pdf and it will print to a pdf file.

As you say you may have whitespace you don't want. I recently had
to deal with this and discovered you can do ...

\includegraphics[scale=0.7, angle=90, viewport=80 500 600 800,clip]{marks.pdf}

marks.pdf was output from Excel with a list of student marks. It printed
the whole A4 page.  As I understand it viewport sets a rectangle
and clip tells it to opnly print whats inside that rectangle. I had
to guess the numbers. The first two are the x-y co-ordinates
of the lower left corner of the rectangle and the second pair the
x-y co-ordinates of the upper right corner. The origin (0,0)
is at the lower LHS of the page.

This must be all documented in the graphics documentation
but increasingly I have been using the google
manual - open www.google.com and enter LaTeX, graphics.
You have to ignore the hits on sites whose interest in latex is not
typesetting related :-)

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