[OS X TeX] Arial (or similar) font in TeX

Don Stark drstark at nps.navy.mil
Wed Jun 26 12:52:15 EDT 2002

I was intrigued, so I tried this in word. At 36 pt the only difference I can
see is with the capital G. In Arial the bottom of the "G" curves smoothly
with no hook. With Helvetica, the bottom portion of the G is capped by what
almost looks like an arrow head. Are there other differences that I'm

Don Stark

>> Adrian said:
>> I've just put a line in Arial and the same line underneath in
>> Helvetica. 
>> Both at 36 pts. They are obviously the same font. There are very slight
>> differences in the trimming of the extenders, but they are obviously
> >the 
>> same font underneath.
> Try the phrase ``GUERILLA Girls''---as a poster to comp.fonts once
> noted, this dance band name, when set in Helvetica contains all the
> information one would need to identify Helvetica (and differentiate it
> from Arial) for the rest of one's life.

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