[OS X TeX] clicking on TexShop dock icon

Martin Stokhof stokhof at hum.uva.nl
Mon Jun 10 11:42:55 EDT 2002

If I remember correctly this wasa discussed before and it was pointed 
out that this behaviour actually is in accordance with Apple's 
guidelines. But I wouldn't mind if TeXShop disobeyed this command 
>from the mothership .. ;-)

Martin Stokhof

At 18:27 +1000 on 10/06/02, Adrian Heathcote wrote:

>I agree---this is my only bugbear with TeXShop. Since I don't quit 
>out of TeXShop very often, I can sometimes get as high as the 21st 
>*new* document opening up. A preference to stop this would be much 
>Adrian Heathcote
>On Friday, May 24, 2002, at 10:28 AM, tom keyes wrote:
>>produces a blank document. i have prefs set to not open a blank document on
>>startup, but when i click on the dock icon to bring TexShop to the
>>foreground a blank document i don't want opens, so i close it. it's a minor
>>annoyance-any way to stop it, or might it be a pref in future releases?

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