[OS X TeX] lucida installation

Adrian Heathcote adrian.heathcote at philosophy.usyd.edu.au
Tue Jun 18 03:03:43 EDT 2002

> what do you mean specifically by 'encoding'?

The encoding is a mapping of glyph positions onto some new set of 
positions so that TeX knows where to find them.

> And, where do the vf, and
> balance of the tfm files go? I gather that if I were a wintel machine, I
> would have received an installer with the download...!

The positions for the vf files are in the fonts folder with the tfm 
folder and the type 1 folder. They are named separately.
> In the old days, outline fonts meant one thing, in this business, what 
> does
> it mean?

It means the .pfb files. These are what cost all the money. The rest can 
be freely distributed.
> All that I 'installed' were the pfb fonts, since that seemed to work for
> Michael before. What I did specifically is download and unzip the files 
> from
> yandy. I created the directories from
> /usr/local/teTeX/share/texmf/fonts/type1/yandy
> to match the tfm directories, copied the corresponding yandy pfb files 
> into
> my new directories one for each that existed already in the
> /usr/local/teTeX/share/texmf/fonts/tfm/yandy
> directory. Then, since they were all UPPER CASE after unzipping, I made
> copies of them and by hand changed the originals to lower case, leaving 
> the
> copies still there, as it made it easy to see that I changed them 
> properly
> without a typo. Then I started to use them.

I didn't change from upper to lowercase and wonder if that is where your 
problem came in. Try installing the originals with their uppercase names.
> The ..../tfm/yandy directories contain:
> [brock:fonts/tfm/yandy] brock% ls -R
> courier   lucida    lucsans   mathpi    mathtime  times
> lubright  lucidfax  lumath    mathplus  symbol    zapfding
> namely:
> ./lubright:
> lbd.tfm   lbdi.tfm  lbdsc.tfm lbi.tfm   lbr.tfm   lbrsc.tfm lbsl.tfm
> ./lucida:
> lbh.tfm   lbkr.tfm  lbtb.tfm  lbto.tfm
> lbc.tfm   lbki.tfm  lbl.tfm   lbtbo.tfm lbtr.tfm
> ./lucidfax:
> lfd.tfm   lfdi.tfm  lfi.tfm   lfr.tfm
> ./lucsans:
> lsb.tfm   lsd.tfm   lsi.tfm   lstb.tfm  lsto.tfm
> lsbi.tfm  lsdi.tfm  lsr.tfm   lstbo.tfm lstr.tfm
> ./lumath:
> lbma.tfm  lbmd.tfm  lbmdo.tfm lbmi.tfm  lbmr.tfm  lbmsd.tfm
> lbmad.tfm lbmdi.tfm lbme.tfm  lbmo.tfm  lbms.tfm
Also: you really don't need everything about encoding in the preamble. 
Just put


That should work if everything is configured correctly.

But it sound as if your system doesn't know that the pfb fonts are 
there. (You can see what lucida fonts should look like by looking at The 
Latex Companion. It was done in lucida.)

Send a sample perhaps

Adrian Heathcote

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