[OS X TeX] ITeXMaC is great!

jerome LAURENS jerome.laurens at u-bourgogne.fr
Mon Jun 24 03:58:56 EDT 2002

Le lundi 24 juin 2002, à 12:43 AM, Oliver Hardt a écrit :

> certain things that make working with the source easy are simply not 
> available and i have the impression that implementation is not planned 
> (for example: if you indent and start to type a block of text that is 
> longer than a single line, the wrapped text should be indented, too -- 
> why would you want to have only indent at the beginning of a block????  
> however, both itexmac and texshop do this

This soft wrapping is built in Mac OS X.

1 - there are some people who want to have only indent at the beginning 
of a block
2 - if you give the proper rules for wrapping, I am sure you will find 
someone to implement them.
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