SOLVED: [OS X TeX] Mathematica e TeXShop

Gerben Wierda Sherlock at
Wed Jun 26 17:09:45 EDT 2002

On Wednesday, June 26, 2002, at 10:17 , Alessandro Languasco wrote:

> I am sorry for the previous message.
> The problem was inthe location of the
> file.
> I was able to fix it using the istructions from Wolfram Research
> at the address:

Sadly, those instructions are rather out of date and they are also prone 
to produce errors later in life, in case you are using my distribution 
and you decide to update your main texmf tree later on.

I would suggest:
1. Copy the stuff to the texmf.local tree, not the main texmf tree as 
the latter gets overwritten when TeX is updated. (Always keep your 
changes in texmf.local or ~/Library/texmf, *never* change the main texmf 
tree if you can prevent it).
2. Add the TEXPSHEADERS change to /Library/teTeX/texmf.cnf so that an 
update of TeX will not overwrite your setting without saving it in a 
backup file. As I do not have Mathematica and thus cannot support the 
integration between my TeXLive-teTeX and Mathematica myself, I do not 
know if this is at all necessary or if it is the best solution.
3. This item on the wolfram page is out of date. The updmap system has 
changed and it suffices to say (in recent TeX distributions):

	sudo updmap enable Map

there is no need to edit files yourself anymore and the changes go to 
the right place (texmf.local) where they are not overwritten in case Tex 
is updated.

Wolfram's step 4 could be updated with a section on pdfTeX.

> Bye,
> 	Alessandro


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