[OS X TeX] exerquiz

Marie-Claude David Marie-Claude.David at math.u-psud.fr
Wed Jun 12 04:12:34 EDT 2002

>  > Bonjour !

thanks for your answer.Here is the result of my experimentation :

>  >
>  > I want to use exerquiz in pdfscreen.

>That is a *huge* number of packages to be loading together.
>Expect to have to increase memory-allocation parameters,
>and perhaps remake you latex.fmt to match these new parameters.
>(Xy-pic is a memory-hog by itself.

I took off xy and it can compile  a line of text but it cannot compile a quiz;
the quiz came from Thales, a document you can find as "un bel exemple" at :

I put the file at the end of this message

>Why is it loading Cyrillics ?
>That wasn't among the packages above.

I don't know

>Anyway, the  [hash size=10000]  is rather small.
>Change it in:   /usr/local/teTeX/share/texmf/web2c/texmf.cnf
>as the  hash_extra  = .....  parameter.
>Best is probably to insert a new line, such as:
>hash_extra.pdftex = 40000
>similar to the line for  hash_extra.context .

I changed that

I hope you can help me to use this package
best regards
Marie-Claude David


% \usepackage[all]{xy}

% \usepackage{xr}%pour g\'erer les fichiers ext\'erieurs

%\externaldocument{solutions}%pour mentionner un fichier ext\'erieur



  \margins{.25in}{.25in}{.25in}{.25in} % left,right,top, bottom
  \screensize{13.5cm}{18cm} % height, width
% \overlay{overlay1.pdf}
  \pdfcompresslevel= 9
  %QCMseatex 1999

      \section{} Soit $\Phi$ l'application de $E \times E$ dans 
$\vv{E}$ qui à $(x,y)$ associe le vecteur

     \begin{quiz}*{qz:TeX-a}{\footnotesize(Pour remettre à 0 les 
scores, cliquez sur début)}
  \item Quelle est l'aire du triangle $ADE$ ?
  \Ans0 120 cm$^2$ &\Ans0 240 cm$^2$ &\Ans1 60 cm$^2$  &\Ans0  80 cm$^2$
  \item Quelle est l'aire du triangle $BDE$ ?
  \Ans0 36 cm$^2$ &\Ans0 12  cm$^2$  &\Ans0 72  cm$^2$&\Ans1 18 cm$^2$
  \item Quelle est l'aire du triangle $CDE$ ?
  \Ans0 36 cm$^2$&\Ans1 18 cm$^2$&\Ans0 20 cm$^2$&\Ans0 84 cm$^2$
  {\footnotesize ( Pour voir le score cliquez sur fin )}


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