[OS X TeX] Verbatim mode question...

Dave McCollum mccollum at colorado.edu
Tue Jun 18 12:57:01 EDT 2002


Thanks for your response!

I will look into the "fancyvrb" package. Both your and Ross' solution 
will certainly do what I need.

I am grateful to find out about the fancyvrb package, as I may need 
something "more powerful" like this in the future.

Thank you again!


>  >>>>> Dave McCollum <mccollum at colorado.edu> (DM) writes:
>DM> Perchance, would anyone happen to know how to format a piece of verbatim
>DM> text within, say, the \caption{} command in the figure environment?
>Look at the fancyvrb package. It has a command \SaveVerb to save a piece
>of verbatim text and \UseVerb to use it. You would do the \SaveVerb
>outside of the caption and \UseVerb inside it. This is for short pieces of
>verbatim text, like what you use in \berb.
>There is also \SaveVerbatim and \UseVerbatim for multiline pieces, like
>the verbatim environment.
>Piet van Oostrum <piet at cs.uu.nl>
>URL: http://www.cs.uu.nl/~piet [PGP]
>Private email: P.van.Oostrum at hccnet.nl

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