Feature suggestion, bug report -Re: [OS X TeX] Equation Service

Radhakrishnan CV cvr at river-valley.org
Fri Mar 22 09:08:31 EST 2002

On Fri, 22 Mar 2002 at 11:31, Guido Mocken wrote:


   ! Undefined control sequence.
   l.4 ^^I\begin
   ! Emergency stop.
   Which tells me that maybe I am doing something wrong (some
   package missing?!), but anyway - Equation Service shouldn't
   *crash* on this.

I'm afraid, you are using plain TeX instead of LaTeX.
   Both provide a service "tex --> pdf". It would be very nice if they 
   would also offer the reverse way: "pdf --> tex".
   Of course, it's impossible to generate tex code for an arbitrary 
   pdf-image, but maybe (I do not know the PDF specs for this) it would be 
   possible to include the tex source as an invisible comment inside the 
   resulting pdf when you do the tex --> pdf conversion. If so, to go the 
   reverse way one would only have to extract this comment and return it as 
   a text string to the calling application.
I have put a specimen pdf file at:


which has the TeX sources of this document in full in this pdf as
object number 1. And also has the TeX sources of three equations as
object numbers 2 to 4. If you open this pdf in a text editor you can
see the text stream.

These sources can be extracted from the pdf by running pdftosrc 
which is distributed with pdfTeX binaries by giving the following 
command from the shell prompt:

 pdftosrc pdf2tex.pdf 1   ==> pdf2tex.1 the entire source.tex
 pdftosrc pdf2tex.pdf 2   ==> pdf2tex.2 the first equation
 pdftosrc pdf2tex.pdf 3   ==> pdf2tex.3 the second equation
 pdftosrc pdf2tex.pdf 4   ==> pdf2tex.4 the third equation

The syntax being

 pdftosrc <pdffile name> <object number>

Is this what you wanted?


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