[OS X TeX] Fink and LaTeX2HTML question

Martin Stokhof stokhof at hum.uva.nl
Sun Mar 3 17:03:47 EST 2002

At 08:25 +1100 on 04/03/02, Ross Moore wrote:

>More likely it is through Ghostscript.
>Under Unix, LaTeX2HTML calls  gs  which can be an X application.
>However, it calls it as a filter, so that X isn't actually used.

I checked and found that, along with the xfree86-base package, Fink 
did indeed install Ghostscript version 7.02 , but not xdvi or xpdf.

>Since you already have  Ghostscript  for MacOS X 
>(it was probably installed along with TeXShop) then my next guess
>is that  fink  needs to be told that LaTeX2HTML will use that.
>This may be enough to resolve the problem.

But that was not an option Fink presented, as far as I can recall. 
Btw, could this be connected with the fact that Gerben's teTeX 
installs an earlier version of Ghostscript?

>Alternatively, since I don't know fink at all, but know LaTeX2HTML
>intimately, can you tell  fink to ignore the dependency on  gs ?
>If that works, we can adjust the installation afterwards to recover.

As I already installed latex2html, I guess I could only answer that 
if I first uninstalled everything. I may do that at some point, just 
for curiosity's sake, but maybe Bruce D'Arcus or somebody else who 
hasn't installed latex2html yet could give this a try?

>I know others have succeeded with LaTeX2HTML on MacOS X,
>but do not know whether they used fink; also they probably
>did persevere with XFree86, being long-time TeX users.
>	Ross

Thanks for all your suggestions. Martin

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