[OS X TeX] Two questions (documentation-related)

Michael Hanson mshanson at wesleyan.edu
Wed Mar 27 14:31:48 EST 2002

On Wednesday, March 27, 2002, at 09:36  AM, Bruno Voisin wrote:

> So now, together with Gerben's kpsewhich, I've got a UNIX utility, 
> locate, and two GUIs for it, Locator @ <http://www.sebastian-
> krauss.de/locator> and XLocate @ 
> <http://homepage.mac.com/~incomingsw/products/xlocate.html>. Tough 
> choice! The GUI for the first seems somehow more user-friendly, but the 
> second has got a HOBBES ICON. How could I resist?

	I have found Locator to be an excellent utility (I use it much more 
often than Sherlock) that is updated regularly.  Very nice 
(customizable) interface and features, such as case-insensitive 
searches.  Have not used XLocate.  However, if it's Hobbes (as in Calvin 
and Hobbes) icons you are after, try here:


You could have your Hobbes and GUI, too!  (Sorry....)

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