[OS X TeX] Fonts included with Textures?

Adrian Heathcote adrian.heathcote at philosophy.usyd.edu.au
Wed Mar 27 06:25:14 EST 2002

Hi All

I've just done a successful install of the Lucida fonts, purchased from 
Y&Y, and following Gary Gray's instructions. It turns out that it is not 
necessary to do any transforming of uppercase to lowercase. They work 
either way.
> [2] No renaming necessary, maybe just transforming uppercase into 
> lowercase. You will get:
> mtex.pfb
> mtsy.pfb
> rmtmi.pfb

The next question though is whether it is really necessary to convert 
.pfa files to .pfb files since the latter are just packed versions of 
the former and they need to be unpacked anyway every time they are sent 
to the printer. (If .pfb files are really needed them it seems like a 

Adrian Heathcote

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