[OS X TeX] problem using gs 6.52 with teTeX

Gerben Wierda sherlock at rna.nl
Fri Mar 8 06:41:09 EST 2002

On Thursday, March 7, 2002, at 10:30 , Ross Moore wrote:

> Hi Gerben
>> The difference between -Ppdf and not is thus that it uses type 1
>> versions of available metafont fonts. These look slightly worse when
>> printing, normally, because they are resolution independent and thus
>> less optimized for actual printing.
>> The official teTeX way of handling this is doing a lot of unix stuff 
>> and
>> runnig some unix scripts to make using the type1 metafont variants the
>> default. But that would disable returning in an easy way to maximum
>> print quality, so this is why I do not ship it that way. Moving from no
>> type1-variants to type1-variants is simple (-Ppdf) but the other way
>> around is impossible from teh command line without changing your setup.
> This is precisely the point that I've tried to make a couple of times,
> on this and/or the pdftex list, when people have asked why Type 1 fonts
> are not the default for dvips.
> You have just said it better than I was able to.
>> Since altpdftex is called by TeXShop when it wants the tex+dvips+gs
>> route, it would be best that you could give it free format arguments.
>> you could then add --dviopts "-Ppdf" to the calling of altpdftex.
>> Richard Koch has promised to look at that for a next release.
>> pdfTeX on the other hand assumes it makes PDF anyway, and is therefore
>> configured to use as many sclable type1 versions as it can find.
>> All of this has absolutely *nothing* to do with gs.
> Not quite true. You can make it relevant to GS, since you can
>  --- and probably should --- configure GS to find the Type 1 fonts
> itself. It has a Fontmap file, as well as a variable $GS_FONTS .
> Now you can write config files for  dvips  (called  config.gs and
>  psfonts.gs , say)  which cause Type 1 fonts to be *not* embedded
> into the .ps files generated using   dvips -Pgs .
> This keeps the files much smaller in size, yet they work perfectly
> with  ps2pdf  or any other use of Ghostscript, since it finds the
> fonts itself.
> This is easily the best way to work with LaTeX2HTML, which needs to
> make *lots* of PostScript images, prior to processing these
> with Ghostscript, to eventually become .gif or .png .
> (The difference can be hundreds of MB of temporary storage.)
> BTW, it's better to use Type 1 rather than resolution-optimized bitmaps
> for these low-res images, since Ghostscript can anti-alias the fonts.
> The results on-screen are truly significant.

I suggest we'll have a decent look at this issue (you make some 
excellent points) after I have releaseed my Installer project. Some 
patience, and tis is probably the first improvement I'll have a look at 
after the i-Installer release.


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