[OS X TeX] Fonts in OSX - TeX

Hemant Bhargava hkb at mac.com
Tue Mar 5 07:49:18 EST 2002

Hi -

I would appreciate some advice regarding how to manage fonts in my OSX 
LaTeX implementation (tetex, TeXShop - on a machine running OSX only, no 

I've downloaded the CM/PS, AMS/PS and LaTeX screen fonts from Bluesky 
(http://www.bluesky.com/download/index.html)  -- but what do I do with 
these? Are these the correct set of fonts for OSX? Do I need all these 
fonts, and where do they go? Are there some documents that can be used 
to test the effects of these fonts (i.e., with and without)?

If not these fonts, then which ones? I'm clearly missing something in my 
implementation, since I've encountered many display and printing 
problems .. in some cases with Acrobat Reader but in other cases also 
with Previewer. Sometimes I receive PDF files from others and can't 
display or print these. I know I didn't have such problems under OS 9 
since I had installed all fonts in proper places.

Thanks in advance ...

- Hemant

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