[OS X TeX] Re: Fink and LaTeX2HTML question

David R. Morrison drm at cgtp.duke.edu
Sun Mar 3 21:23:50 EST 2002

Here's how to install latex2html via fink, for TeXShop users:

 1) Install teTeX and ghostview using Gerben Wierda's installer
 2) Install fink, and update to the latest versions by using the
    "fink selfupdate-cvs" command
 3) Install the fink package "system-tetex" to let fink know that you
    already have teTeX installed
 4) Decide if you want XFree86 or not.  If you want it, install it either
    via fink or from the XFree86 site.  (In the latter case you need to
    install the fink package "system-xfree86".)  
 5) Install either "ghostscript6" or "ghostscript6-nox", depending on whether
    you have XFree86 installed or not.

Some TeXShop users will want to experiment with xdvi, and they will need
XFree86.  Others will see no need for this, and their needs are provided
for as well.  (There is also an option "system-xtools" if you have Tenon's
XTools installed instead of XFree86.)

  6) Install the fink package "latex2html."

If you haven't done steps 1-5, fink will ask questions during the
installation.  Hopefully the above explanation will make it clear how you
are supposed to answer.

One further remark:  the most recently updated versions of some of these
fink packages, including latex2html, are in fink's "unstable" tree at the
moment where they are undergoing testing.  I anticipate that they will
move to fink's "stable" tree in the next few days.  So I recommend either
using the "unstable" version, or waiting a few days before installing.
In either case, be sure to do "fink selfupdate-cvs" before installing

Some people wonder why there is no "system-ghostscript."  Packages within
fink work extremely well together, and getting an external package such as
ghostscript to work along with fink's packages is quite an effort when the
package is not installed by fink.  In fact, the only external packages
which fink has been configured to work with are teTeX and XFree86 (or
XTools), each of which is a very large package with thousands of files
which many people have installed another way.  Installing a second copy of
ghostscript via fink is not hard, and having two copies present is quite
  -- Dave

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