[OS X TeX] How do I instal Mathtime fonts?

Tore Haug-Warberg haugwarb at chembio.ntnu.no
Tue Mar 12 17:05:59 EST 2002

Bruno and Michael:

I am still confused (but much less so than 8 hours ago). PostScript fonts 
require two separate files, one outline file (.pfb) and one metrics file 
(.pfm), right? I assume that the .pfm can be converted to TeX metrics 
(.tfm), but what about .pfb? I expect it's here the real work is burried 
and consequently that .pfb files have a certain marked potential. Bruno 
mentioned CMacTeX as a possible source for .pfb files, but I'm a Mac newbie 
and have no previous Mac installation of TeX (could not find any PostScript 
fonts on my teTeX distribution either). Should I buy the .pfb files from 
Y&Y, or maybe Blue Sky Research, or is there a clone which can be 
downloaded? And since we are talking fonts:

1) It is PostScript 1 and not PostScript 3?
2) Is TrueType a viable option to PostScript fonts, or is PostScript 
3) Finally, I might consider converting to Lucida if that makes life easier 
(please convince me - it's not very hard).

Yours, Tore.

PS. I am responding to both of you in one single mail, please correct me if 
I am abusing the rules of this list.

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