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Michael Murray mmurray at maths.adelaide.edu.au
Tue Mar 5 08:40:43 EST 2002

>Hi Michael,
>Thanks for your reply, and for clarifying the issue about fonts and teTeX.
>I follow your argument regarding documents where the author hasn't 
>embedded fonts properly. However, I have faced printing problems 
>(rare, admittedly) for some of the documents generated on my own 
>machine! I think this is restricted to cases where I'm trying to 
>print, say, 4 pages to a sheet. (And I think this one happens in 
>Acrobat, but works fine within Previewer.) Is this solvable?
>- Hemant

Hi Hemant,

As it happens Ross Moore solved this one for me a few days back.
Unfortunately I just flushed all my emails so I can't show you
his - you may still have it.

Ross said to use pdfpages (its part of teTeX). If the file
you want to print is called file.pdf then make a new tex file with
the text




\includepdf[pages=-, nup=4]{file.pdf}


If its not in the same directory as file.pdf I guess you need a path
in the include pdf command. Run this through TeXShop - the output will
be 4 to a page.

I had to update the file


but it tells you where to get it from.

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