[OS X TeX] synchronize laptop and desktop

William Adams wadams at atlis.com
Tue Mar 26 11:21:37 EST 2002

Donal Day asked:
>I have TeXShop, tetex, etc  intalled on my desktop. Is there a
>(script) whereby I can create the same installation on my laptop
>repeating  the  steps of downloading, installing, etc?

Do you mean the whole OS? If so, I'm not 100% sure you'd want to do
this---I believe some of the .kext (kernel extension &c.)  and their
settings are machine specific.

For just TeXShop, tetex, etc., it should just be a matter of drag /

This site should get you started though:

>Is there a Unix tools that can make the  disks on both machines

ditto is for this, I believe.

However, if you're inclined, you could probably connect your laptop in
Firewire Target Disk Mode to your desktop, then create symlinks to the
appropriate directories, and always have everything on the laptop and

(who is _finally_ getting a pen slate system (Intel :( (and eventually a
docking station) so that he can just always carry everything with him.
I'd give my interest in hell for Apple to've made the G4 iMac with a
detachable display w/ battery, processor, storage and pen input w/
handwriting and gesture recognition in the OS)

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