Fonts &c. (was Re: [OS X TeX] Fonts included with Textures?)

William Adams wadams at
Thu Mar 28 13:39:28 EST 2002

Peter Erwin said:
>(From what other people have said, it appears that .pfa format may work
>well, but I haven't tried it.  All the PostScript fonts which come with
>appear to be in .pfb format, and the various .map files that dvips ---
and thus
>pdftex as well, I believe --- assume .pfb format.  So the default
>format seems to be
>.pfb.  Since it's relatively easy to convert between the two formats
using the
>"t1utils" programs (see below), I'd just stick with .pfb unless
>there's a compelling
>reason to use .pfa)

Once upon a time it was felt that there was a compelling reason to use
.pfb---saving disk space---this belike seems quaint in the days of 100GB
HDs, but, given that it's pick and choose what gets included on TeXLive
(and NeXTstep binaries no longer rate :( that's a valid consideration
for at least the source / archive sites.

<snip> helpful and precise description of command line conversion


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