[OS X TeX] OzTeX 5.0a and xypic

get86 at mac.com get86 at mac.com
Wed Mar 27 04:27:38 EST 2002

On Wednesday, March 27, 2002, at 04:15 AM, Michael Murray wrote:

>> From the OzTeX 5.0a Readme (thanks Andrew):
>> - If OzTeX is running on OS X then it can call arbitrary Unix commands
>>   and display the results in the OzTeX window.  If you have teTeX and
>>   Ghostscript installed then you can run lots of useful programs not
>>   provided in OzTeX (pdftex, ps2pdf, etc). -
>> Is 'xypic' one of those Unix programs referred to above?
>> Is it included with OzTeX 5.0a? If so, how do i invoke it?
>> If not, how do i get and install it?
>> (Yes, I know next to nothing about it! So, if this post is senseless, 
>> please "clue me in". 8)
>> -TR
> Hi
> xypic is more of a macro package except that it comes with a special
> set of fonts for the arrows and stuff.
> Michael

Thanks, I guess I should of asked -what do I need to do to get it 
working with OzTeX 5.0a?  (or, I know little more than I did :(


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