[OS X TeX] Fonts included with Textures?

Gary L. Gray gray at engr.psu.edu
Wed Mar 27 11:17:32 EST 2002

On 3/27/02 6:25 AM, "Adrian Heathcote"
<adrian.heathcote at philosophy.usyd.edu.au> wrote:

> I've just done a successful install of the Lucida fonts, purchased from
> Y&Y, and following Gary Gray's instructions. It turns out that it is not
> necessary to do any transforming of uppercase to lowercase. They work
> either way.

That doesn't surprise me, but it's good to know.

>> [2] No renaming necessary, maybe just transforming uppercase into
>> lowercase. You will get:
>> mtex.pfb
>> mtsy.pfb
>> rmtmi.pfb
> The next question though is whether it is really necessary to convert
> .pfa files to .pfb files since the latter are just packed versions of
> the former and they need to be unpacked anyway every time they are sent
> to the printer. (If .pfb files are really needed them it seems like a
> mistake.)

I don't think you do need to convert the .pfa files to .pfb files. I used
.pfb files for no reason whatsoever. :-)

Best regards,

-- Gary

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