[OS X TeX] OzTeX 5.0a is now available

Andrew Trevorrow andrew at trevorrow.com
Thu Mar 21 09:59:06 EST 2002

An alpha version of OzTeX 5.0 is now available for download (12.2Mb):


Note that this is a full release -- it unpacks to a folder called
"OzTeX 5.0a" with everything in it.  I've called it an alpha release
because it should be very close to the final version that will end up
on CTAN, and on the new CD I'm currently working on.  I'm about 3 weeks
away from burning the master CD so this should give us enough time to
iron out any remaining wrinkles.

The OzTeX User Guide (:TeX:Docs:LaTeX:ozuser.dvi) has lots of changes.
Make sure you read these new sections:

  - Search paths and subfolder expansion        (section 4.3)
  - Changing keyboard shortcuts                 (section 4.7)
  - Adding extra tools                          (section 4.8)
  - Calling Unix commands                       (section 5)
  - OzTeX on OS X                               (section 6)
  - Task lists: a simple scripting facility     (section 7)

Some existing sections also have new info:

  - Low-level PostScript printing               (section 2.6.2)
  - Creating PDF files                          (section 16)

Please let me know if you find any mistakes or have any suggestions
on how it could be improved.

There is a new config file in :TeX:Configs: called "Use texmf tree".
It shows how to tell the Oz* apps to search the texmf trees created by
Gerben Wierda's teTeX installer.  Before using the config file you'll
need to make a few changes -- see the comments inside the file.

Finally, here are the changes to the OzTeX 5.0b8 app:

* I've added a number of new tasks to provide better control when
  calling external, non-Unix applications in drop_* task lists.
  See the discussion of "wait,...", "quit,..." and "front,..." in
  section 7.1 of the User Guide.

* If you hold down the option key before selecting a TeX/DVI/PS file
  from one of OzTeX's TeX/Print/View/Send menu items then the file will
  be processed as if it was dropped onto OzTeX.  This saves you having
  to switch to the Finder to locate and drop a file.  Note that the
  item names change to "Drop ..." to indicate what will happen.

* If the command key is pressed before clicking in the OzTeX menu bar
  then those items with submenus for recent TeX/DVI/PS files now have
  their names changed to "Remove Item".  This provides feedback about
  what will happen if a submenu item is selected.  Similarly, if the
  shift and command keys are pressed then the item names are changed
  to "Remove ALL Items".

* Fixed a bug that prevented dvips finding fonts used in an EPS file
  on OS X.  While fixing this bug I also modified dvips to skip blank
  lines when looking for "%%Document..." lines in an EPS file's header;
  this was done to cope with files created by Freehand.

* The Unix path corresponding to the :TeX:Unix: folder is automatically
  appended to the PATH environment variable when calling Unix commands.
  This makes it easy to call various shell scripts stored in that folder.
  Users can override those scripts by simply putting their own versions
  in a directory specified anywhere else in the unix_path value.

* Added .drv to OzTeX's Default input_file_suffixes list.
  Also added drv to the plst 0 resource's list of known extensions.

* Dithering is always on when viewing a DVI file.  The toggle_dithering
  parameter is no longer recognized.


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