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William Adams wadams at atlis.com
Tue Mar 26 08:48:48 EST 2002

Costa Colbert said:
 >I have had very little success with Pitstop.  I actually maintain a 3.3 
Nextstep machine to >keep Tailor alive. The ENFOCUS folks seem unable to 
understand that their new products seem >greatly inferior to their old. A 
real shame.

As I said previously, I don't think this is so much a matter of their lack 
of desire / ability, but of inherent limitations in what's doable as an 
Acrobat plug-in. Tailor got a lot ``for free'' as a NeXTstep app, and when 
it was ported to Mac OS as a stand-alone app, it was as a QuickDraw/GX app,
  the API of which provided those same things---AFAICT Acrobat simply lacks 
these features, or the programming room to make them happen, if these 
things were provided for free,

1 - Adobe wouldn't sell as many copies of Illustrator,
2 - everyone's plug-ins would offer these features.

I've been hoping Enfocus would revive Tailor for OS X, and have been 
meaning to contact them about this (I desperately want a viable 
alternative to FreeHand)


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