[OS X TeX] Newbie install and font question

Peter Erwin erwin at ll.iac.es
Tue Mar 19 07:01:25 EST 2002

William Adams said:

>>Also available are Times, Palatino, Courier,
>>Helvetica, New Century Schoolbook, Avant Garde, Bookman, Zapf Chancery,
>>Symbol, Zapf Dingbats,
>The core ``LaserWriter Gang of 35'' are only available by inference 
>(.tfm and .map references to them) and impostering ('s that a word? 
>oh well, you know what I mean) (URW provided clones of most of them).

Yes, that's correct.  I was referring to the URW clones, for which 
the .pfb files are in

(Of course, since there are n different PostScript versions of Times 
floating around
out there, I'm not sure whose versions should really be considered "clones"...)

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