[OS X TeX] Equation Service

Jon Guyer jguyer at his.com
Thu Mar 21 14:26:52 EST 2002

At 2:21 PM -0500 3/21/02, Hemant Bhargava wrote:
>So, you might be working on a large document, and have this
>complicated equation you are typesetting, and you want to see how it
>looks. Right now you basically have to compile the whole file (there
>are clumsy solutions to avoid that)

[I'm not suggesting this is a bad idea, but...]

Alpha will let you do this now (i.e., it takes care of the clumsy 
solutions for you)

TeX -> Process -> Typeset Selection

Moreover, it does everything within the context of your document's preamble.


   Jonathan E. Guyer

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