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Radhakrishnan CV cvr at river-valley.org
Sat Mar 23 23:17:31 EST 2002

On Sun, 24 Mar 2002 at 13:51, Michael Murray wrote:

   I was wondering how the GPL would apply if one used these fonts
   to prepare camera ready copy for a book that was sold
   commercially. I went and read it but I am not much the wiser.
   Do you know how it applies ?

Some publishers might require usage of certain commercial fonts
while making CRC, I meant this only when I said commercial 
obligations. You can very well use a GNU GPL font if they accept 
the output.

GNU GPL applies only to the font software and not to the document
you make with the fonts. That means, if you modify the fonts, you
need to licence the modified version under GNU GPL so that the
freedom to modify your version by another user is retained and you
can never make it closed. GNU GPL is more concerned with the freedom
of the end user/author and that no commercial corporations shall use
the efforts of a free software developer to use the code and close
it for their gains.

Making money by selling GNU GPL software is not a crime and indeed
Free Software Foundation promotes that. In reality, selling a
software means that you're selling the licence to use that software.  
Since GNU GPL licence provides free access to the source code,
freedom to modify and redistribute/share, a selling in the
commercial sense is not possible by virtue of all these freedom. So
in effect, software business becomes a possibility only with
proprietary software, where users are not provided the access to
sources nor they permitted to modify/share/redistribute it thereby
compelling another user to buy it from the proprietary corporation.


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