[OS X TeX] [ANN] LaTeX enhanced mac-emacs (v. 1.2)

Enrico Franconi franconi at cs.man.ac.uk
Sat Mar 2 08:33:23 EST 2002

I've just uploaded a new release of the LeTeX enhanced mac-emacs. It
has a simplified installer (just copy the two applications to the
/Applications folder), thanks to the new features of Applescript
introduced in 10.1.3. Get it (and send comments) from

If you want more LaTeX features to be added to mac-emacs, let me know.

This Emacs is built on top of the mac-emacs.sourceforge.net emacs-21.1
distribution (for MacOSX), enhanced with fully customisable LaTeX
editing environment based on auctex and other packages. This installer
includes everything (but not tetex and ghostview); there is no need to
have X11 installed. From mac-emacs, you can launch directly any latex
process or any mac application (like MacGhostview, Acrobat Reader,
TexShop, OzTeX, etc).

To make a full install:
- drag the Emacs package to the /Applications folder;
- drag the mac-emacs application to the /Applications folder.

- The mac-emacs application can be double-clicked and accepts files
  drag-and-dropped onto it. 
- Always launch (or drag-and-drop to) the mac-emacs application, never
  the Emacs package.
- The mac-emacs application can be moved from the /Applications
  folder; the Emacs package can not be moved from the /Applications
- No X11 is required.
- mac-emacs requires a working installation of teTeX and ghostview.
- The creator code of the mac-emacs application is EMAx.
- mac-emacs loads automatically the file ~/.mac-emacs if it exists.
  You can study the file 
- To customise the LaTeX Command menu, modify the fully documented file
- To have full spelling checking capabilities, install "ispell" from
  fink. The latest precompiled binary is usually available with dselect.
- Bugs (from the original Emacs distribution): This port of Emacs does
  not support 3 buttons mice; customisation browsing still does not

To play with it, open a .tex file; from the command menu (or with C-c
C-c) select "latex" and, if the compilation is successful, then "view".

Enrico Franconi                     - franconi at cs.man.ac.uk
University of Manchester            - http://www.cs.man.ac.uk/~franconi/
Department of Computer Science      - Phone: +44 (161) 275 6170
Manchester M13 9PL, UK              - Fax:   +44 (161) 275 6204

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