[OS X TeX] Off-topic PS and Terminal questions

William Adams wadams at atlis.com
Mon Mar 11 14:35:56 EST 2002

Bruno Voisin asked:
>1) Does anybody know how to enter accented characters in Terminal.app?
>would like to operate /Developer/Tools/SetFile and
>/Developer/Tools/GetFileInfo on files belonging to directories with
>accents in their names, like

Doesn't switching to the appropriate keyboard work?

>2) Are there utilities or shell scripts for concatenating PostScript

Here's the PS code for one:


Or, just use something like this (as put together by ``filestopdf'')


% File Generated by Files to PDF 1.6b3
% © 1999 Pieter Claerhout

[ /Title (test) /Author (test) /Subject () /Keywords () /DOCINFO pdfmark

/prun {/mysave save def dup = flush RunFile clear cleardictstack mysave
restore} def

[/Count 2 /View [/XYZ null null 0] /Page 1 /Title (test) /OUT pdfmark

[/View [/XYZ null null 0] /Page 1 /Title (ter 1) /OUT pdfmark
(Accounts:Aspen Publication - 3079:Mauet:PS FILES:Chapter 1.ps) RunFile
(Accounts:Aspen Publication - 3079:Mauet:PS FILES:Chapter 1.ps) == flush

[/View [/XYZ null null 0] /Page 12 /Title (ter 2) /OUT pdfmark
(Accounts:Aspen Publication - 3079:Mauet:PS FILES:Chapter 2.ps) RunFile
(Accounts:Aspen Publication - 3079:Mauet:PS FILES:Chapter 2.ps) == flush


Just repeat the appropriate sections for Chapter 1 / 2 with the right
page numbers, and save, then process that PS file. (or just get the
up-dated version of the Mac utility ``FilesToPDF'' (but it's shareware

There was a nifty NeXT utility called ``PageChain.app'' for doing this
sort of thing which was fabulous....

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