[OS X TeX] Bug in TeXShop 1.16 (was: TeXShop 1.16)

Ben Wooliscroft bwooliscroft at e3.net.nz
Sat Mar 2 13:52:39 EST 2002

Hi Matthias

Using TexShop 1.16 and OS 10.1.3 I have no cursor problems.



> I installed the new version, but had to discover a quite severe bug:
> I am longer able to use the cursor keys in TeXShop. Instead of moving the
> cursor, the system error sound is played. Shift-Cursor, Alt-Cursor etc work
> like normal, however.
> The problem appeared after I customized the tool bar, but of course this
> doesn't mean this was the reason for the problem to appear.
> Trashing the prefs file didn't work (the prefs file is the texshop.plist in
> my library/preferences folder, right?)
> The problem disappeared after reinstalling the 1.15 version of TeXShop.
> Can anyone confirm this, or does anyone have a hint for me?
> Regards,
> Matthias

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