[OS X TeX] printing postscript

Jerry Wilcox Jerry.Wilcox at ucop.edu
Fri Mar 15 13:39:28 EST 2002

>Hi all,
>Is there any quick way to print postscript files in OS X without 
>converting to PDF first? This method is painfully slow with a large 
>papers using PK fonts. Eg, I have a 110 page paper which has been at 
>the "processing job" stage for about 10 mins, and it's still not 

Well, if you have OzTeX installed, you should just be able to 
double-click on the postscript document and OzTeX will launch and 
send the document to the printer you have OzTeX configured for. Very 
quick and easy, I find (although not quite as easy as just dropping 
the postscript document on the desktop printer as we could do in 
earlier Mac OS versions.

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